Dr. Rob Barrick DDS

    - Want to ask a dentist a question in your own home without having to pay $150 for a visit?  

    - Want to get a 2nd opinion about something you were told or read about online? 

    - Have you ever thought about fixing your smile through cosmetics but just had a few questions about the cost and options?  


    See How it Works!

    This video shows a few excerpts from an actual cosmetic consultation. 

    Cosmetic Consultation 
    Dr. Rob Barrick DDS

    Why Dr. Rob?

    Resin Bonding

    Dr. Rob Barrick (Cedar's Smile Artist) grew up in Cedar City Utah as an artist.  He would spend his free time creating, drawing and sculpting.  
    After 17 years of practicing as a General/ Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Rob decided to take all of his talent and purpose and completely focus in on his passion for dental arts.  

    "There is just something incredible about seeing a patient lift up the mirror and shed tears of joy because they finally have the smile they've always wanted.  I just want to do Cosmetics full time. It's what I'm good at, and I love it. "

    Because of this cosmetic focus, Dr. Rob's practice is known as "SIMPLY COSMETICS" 


    Q & A

    Q:  So what's the catch?  Will I be pressured into coming in and seeing you?
    A:  Absolutely no pressure when we chat.  Just an honest answer.  Many questions will require an office visit, but that consultation will be free as well.  Yes, we are using this as an opportunity to get to know new people who might become patients, but you can feel assured that our first priority is to just help.  If you want more of our services, then fantastic.

    Q:  How much will you be able to diagnose over video chat?
    A:  There are limitations to teledentistry.  We will be able to discuss many things that will help you make decisions on your smile.  However, without seeing you in person, there will be many things we won't be able to tell you for certain. 

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